Julie Brown Smith

My work is about people. These aren't portraits. They are recordings: of a time, a place, a shared experience, a connection to or an absence of recognition.

The Men's Project is a facet of this exploration. In light of the recently uncovered horrifyingly unacceptable behavior by some men, I decided to rename my project, A Few Good Men to honor those men who are better examples of masculinity, and who also stand with women in this new era.

The various iterations of the image, from drawing to painting to print, become a narrative of each subject and his own individuality.

The Urban Series is about people in everyday situations, and what goes on around them unnoticed as they maneuver through life, both as observers and the observed, sometimes aware but often oblivious. Even, or especially, when the figure is absent from the environment, there is a trace of their inscribed path, an unseen human presence integral in the urban environment.

Julie Brown Smith's work is exhibited internationally and appears on album covers, in films, on television, and in the book Photobooth: The Art of the Automatic Self-Portrait by Raynal Pellicer. Her work is in numerous collections, including those of Eric Clapton and Graham Nash.